7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Choose Compex IT for Your IT Support 

As the first choice IT provider for business owners and managers across Birmingham and the West Midlands, we could give you hundreds of reasons why you should choose us as your technical support partner. However, we know we’re not the perfect choice for everybody, so we thought we’d give you 7 reasons you shouldn’t choose Compex IT. 

You’re looking at cutting costs  

Often, those hoping to cut costs have no interest in IT support whatsoever, and approach us asking for quotes without giving us any detail. We’re not the cheapest and we’re certainly not the most expensive either, but IT support isn’t all about cost. We look for customers that value IT support, have an interest in mutual commitment and recognise all we do to go above and beyond for our customers. You’re not paying for basic support with us.  

You’re holding onto old tech 

All technology has a lifespan. If you’ve been told to invest in new tech by another IT support company, chances are you need new tech. We’re not wizards, and the chances are we can’t keep your dusty 2001 PCs performing in line with your iPhone. We’re all about making technology work effectively for you and your team. We don’t beat around the bush and if something is failing it most likely needs replacing. 

You’ve got no budget 

We touched on this briefly in point 1. You need to spend money to see a return. Refreshing your tech and investing in the programmes you use will have business benefits. We’re strong believers that increased productivity and efficiency comes from investing in equipment. Your staff are our primary focus, and we want to ensure that they have access to the tools that work for them. If you don’t have the budget, perhaps opt for a one-man band but remember to check out this blog before you do. 

You don’t see the value in cyber security  

Cyber security is for every business, no matter the industry, the location, or the size. A shocking 4 in 10 small businesses have experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months alone, yet so many businesses still think they have immortality against cyber-attacks. If you don’t take cyber security seriously or listen to our advice on how to protect your business, data, staff, or customers, we wish you all the luck in the world, but we’re not particularly interested in taking you on as a client.  

You’re not really interested in a partnership  

We’re not trying to be big headed here, but we’re experts in this field, like you are in yours. 

We’ve been doing this stuff for years and have gained many qualifications and experience. We don’t work on an ad-hoc basis as it just doesn’t work for us.  

We value our long-term clients and work collaboratively with them on a closer level. We treat your team as an extension of our team, so we take the time to learn about you and your needs as a business. We’re honest, transparent, and want what’s best for you. If you’re after somebody you can call on a one-off or need help when something is already broken, you’ll need to look elsewhere. And we’re absolutely fine with that.  

You measure value by how often you call out an engineer  

News flash – you don’t need to call an engineer out every month to feel your IT support is worth the investment. 99% of IT problems can be fixed remotely, so, unless you have planned work going on, you shouldn’t need an engineer in your workplace at all. 

Everything is working fine so you don’t need full time IT support 

If everything is running smoothly then your current IT support is doing a cracking job.  

Over time, you may notice you don’t need to contact us as regularly, which means the work we’re doing in the background is working. We work with our clients long-term, offering ongoing support and fixing issues before they arise.  

If you’re interested in working in partnership with Compex IT and want to keep your business protected, you can book a no-obligation 15-minute chat with Mark today. We’ll discuss your business, the issues you’re currently facing, and how we can help you with your technology going forward.