7 Reasons Why Businesses Switch IT Support Providers

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a loveless marriage – particularly when that union is a business and its IT support provider.

Unfortunately, switching providers isn’t always that palatable. Fear of change when it comes to IT support is common and extends to other partnerships.

For instance, many businesses often just don’t want the hassle associated with finding a new accountant or changing banks.

The fear of switching – and why it needs to be overcome

If you’ve been with your IT support provider for a while but, deep down, you’re not happy, you’re probably experiencing something known as ‘inertia loyalty’.

This is what keeps you paying that IT support bill, even though you’re not 100% happy with the service. The idea of moving to a different provider seems like far too much work to be cost effective, thus it’s perceptually easier not to act at all.

But act you should, because if you’re not happy with your IT support, it could lead to serious problems in the future.

The clues are always there. Here are seven common reasons we come across when speaking to businesses who have decided it’s time to switch IT support providers.

1. Communication is lacking

Do you only ever hear from your provider when there’s a new product or service they’d like to plug?

That’s not good enough – particularly if communication was far better at the start of the relationship.

You should be made aware of support request progress and regularly educated with the latest ways to use the technology you already have. A proactive approach to communication is vital in this game.

2. They haven’t got your back

It’s horrible when you feel alone with IT support. If your provider doesn’t have your back, you’ll quickly lose trust in their ability to help you.

In these instances, service will be inconsistent and completely unresponsive; they’ll appear unwilling to invest in the relationship.

Ask yourself: does your IT support provider feel like your own IT department? They should.

3. There’s no proactivity

Proactive IT support extends well beyond communication. Most issues can be avoided altogether if the IT company understands how to identify them before they take hold.

You can’t do that if you just sit there waiting for the next support call to come through.

A great IT partner will have their finger on the pulse of new tech and identify instances where upgrades will make the most sense for you. They should think of every valuable upgrade before you discover it – simple.

4. You’ve outgrown them

This happens, and it isn’t really anyone’s fault – but your IT company may be unwilling to admit it’s the case.

If your business has grown beyond the capabilities of your IT support company, you’ll need to move on.

The clues will be there. They won’t have the answers you need, they’ll struggle to find the technology you require to do your job and their service will be slow to respond.

If that’s the case, you’re too big for them. But that’s fine – you have other options.

5. You’re always chasing them

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to constantly chase your IT support company for an answer.

The longer you have to wait for a solution, the more at risk your business is. They should take ownership of the support request and execute it in a timely fashion without you ever having to chase them.

We heard of one IT support company taking three weeks to get a simple issue fixed. That’s totally unacceptable, in our eyes.

6. Trust has gone

This really is dire straits. If you lose trust in your IT company, there’s no coming back (unless they completely turn things around – but that’s unlikely).

A lack of trust usually comes from your IT partner not being transparent or seemingly not acting in your best interests.

Worse, a lack of confidence in them as a company will lead to a lack of confidence in their ability to keep your business secure from a technology perspective.

7. You’re worried about security

The ’s’ word is the big one.

Unfortunately, there are lots of IT companies out there who don’t prioritise cyber security.

It should be woven into everything they do, and you should have complete confidence that they can keep your business safe. If their answers to questions on this subject are vague or lacking in confidence, you really should be moving on.

Ready to switch?

Do one or several of the reasons above ring true for you? If so, it’s almost definitely time to start looking for a new IT support provider. One that won’t let you down.

Find out how IT support should really be delivered by contacting the Compex IT team, today.