The 57 minute data security challenge – would your business pass?

Ok, so you’ve got anti virus protection, which means you’re safe from cyber crime, right?



If someone really wanted to find a way into your system, I’m certain they could. Might sound like a big claim, but I’ve seen it so many times before that I’d be willing to bet I could find a weakness in less than an hour.

Cyber criminals are experts at hacking into computer systems, and countless business owners make it really easy for them.

It all comes down to perception. The biggest misconception is that it’s only the big companies they go after. The fact is, businesses of all sizes are at risk, and the more relaxed you are about security, the higher the risks.

Here are a few other things we often hear:

Cyber attacks always come from the outside”

No. The vast majority of data breaches happen within the office itself. Some are deliberate and others are completely unintentional, like well meaning staff clicking on dodgy links my mistake. There might be a cyber criminal behind it, but they can only get in if someone opens the door.

“My password is too hard to guess.”

Not so. You’d be amazed how easily someone can guess your password if they’ve been paying attention to you. And if you use the same password for multiple accounts, you might as well not have one at all.

“It won’t happen to me because I only open emails from people I know.”

One of the favourite tricks of cyber attackers is to create accounts that look just like ones you already know. At five minutes to home time on a Friday afternoon, would you be on the ball enough to notice? Don’t count on it.

“Cyber security is an expense.”

We understand the importance of keeping costs down when you’re running a business. But cyber security is no longer something that can be seen as an expense; it’s an investment. Spending a little extra now will save you thousands in the long run. If you suffer a data breach, your entire business is at stake. Is it worth the risk?

“I can spot an infected computer a mile off”

That may have been the case a few years ago, but it’s no longer about ads, pop ups and wonky screens. Today’s viruses are far more sophisticated and can go unnoticed for ages – by the time you do notice they’ve made their way into your system, it’s almost always too late.

The bottom line is, cyber criminals are everywhere. And if you don’t protect yourself from them, it’s just like going out and leaving your prized possessions on display with all the doors and windows open. Don’t take the chance.

To find out more about how to keep your business safe, read our guide below.  Or to take us up on the 57 minute challenge (totally obligation free of course) contact us today.

Data security challenge booklet

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