5 practical ways to ensure customer satisfaction

You might have the best product in the world, but if your customers don’t love you too, it’s pointless.

Customer satisfaction can be tricky to get right, but these five tips will get you heading in the right direction:

1) Gather information

I know, I know…surveying is a drag. But there are lots of different ways you can ask your customers how they’re feeling without spending months analysing forms. Tools like Survey Monkey and Zoho are a great way to collect data you can put to good use.

2) Be willing to look at your bad bits

It’s great to hear positive feedback, but the warts-and-all stuff is harder to take. Delivering great service demands a willingness to hear negative feedback and turn it into a positive.

3) Take action

Want to know the biggest way to annoy a customer? Ask them what they think and then totally ignore them. Satisfaction surveys are utterly pointless exercises if you don’t act on your findings – it’s a huge part of building trust among customers and staff.

4) Celebrate the things you do well

It’s ok to pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and in today’s competitive market your customers will expect it. Create a wall of fame of positive comments, proudly display your awards and certificates and keep your customers up to date with your excellent work.

5) Create a vision board

They’re often talked about by motivational speakers, but vision boards aren’t just for followers of the Law of Attraction. Having a visual image of all the things you want to achieve is much more interesting than a huge list of objectives, so on your next team building day get busy with the felt tips and put the results on display in your office. It’s a great way to keep staff engaged and will help you all focus on what customers want.


A reliable IT system is also essential for customer satisfaction, but that goes without saying, right?! Because no customer likes hearing “hang on, the computer’s going slow today…”.

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