4 signs you’re under attack from ransomware

Ransomware attackers are like virtual highwaymen, stopping innocent people going about their daily business and demanding money. Ok, so nobody’s threatening “your money or your life!” but the damage caused by ransomware attacks can – and have – killed plenty of businesses.

A ransomware attack is a particularly malevolent type of cybercrime which involves a hacker locking you out of your systems and data. Unless you pay a ransom (usually in Bitcoin) you won’t be granted access to that information again.

It’s one of the scariest things an organisation can go through, not least because of the urgency of the hacker’s demands. Quite often they go in for the kill towards the end of the day, when people are tired, off guard and wanting to go home. They thrive on putting people under pressure because they know that that’s when we’re most likely to make mistakes. So as you can imagine, they’re loving the state of anxiety that Covid-19 has caused and all the added pressures that come with working from home.

You might assume your organisation is safe, because everything’s working fine and you haven’t noticed any strange emails or other activity. But can you be certain that you haven’t been targeted for an attack that could happen in the future?

What most people don’t know is that by the time a hacker attacks, they’ve already done their homework. They’ll often spend weeks watching and plotting, finding ways to prevent IT security experts stopping them in their tracks.

Luckily, there are ways to spot whether or not your computer system is on their to-do list. When you know you’ve been targeted by a cybercriminal, you can take action to prevent an attack.

Our new guide shows you how to recognise signs of a breach and work out whether you’re in line to be attacked.  Download it below, and keep your business and all its valuable data protected.

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Once a hacker launches their ransomware attack you can’t do much to stop it

We are offering a free breach detection review to local Birmingham businesses. We’ll check your network for the tell-tale signs of an undetected intruder and advise you on how to prevent such a breach in future.

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