The 2020 problem is only 6 months away. Is your business ready?

We hate to put a downer on this beautiful heatwave, but before we know it, winter will once again rear its ugly head. That means dark nights, slippery roads and soaring heating bills… but there’s another big problem arriving just after the Christmas festivities are over.

A major software issue that’s going to affect around one in three UK businesses, The 2020 Problem is the most dreaded event in IT since Y2k.

Ok, that may have been a huge anti climax..  but the 2020 Problem will definitely cause chaos.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • In January 2020 Microsoft is ending the life of some of its best loved products, including Windows 7,  Office 2010 and selected business server software presents businesses everywhere with several problems:
  • When that software breaks, it will be impossible to fix. All the Microsoft support will also vanish.
  • Companies who don’t upgrade will lose money
  • There will be no more patches or updates for old software, which means:
  • Organisations running on the old stuff will be at risk of cyber crime, which means:
  • The GDPR police will be on red alert for businesses that fail to comply

Why is Microsoft doing this?

As the world becomes more connected and more of us are working remotely, we’re relying more heavily on technology. Older versions of software were created for people working at physical desks in bricks and mortar offices, but the new stuff is all about working in the Cloud.

Microsoft’s new offering is based around Office 365; the suite of products that allows people to work on the go instead of having to be tied to a desk. It’s not so much about Microsoft being the bad guys and getting businesses to spend more money, it’s about responding to new trends and creating more fluid, flexible workplaces. And the really great thing about working in the Cloud is that it actually saves money. With no more need for expensive on-site equipment and maintenance, budget holders will have more cash to spend on other business areas.

There’s no denying that any change is probably an upheaval you could do without. But in the long run, moving to Office 365 makes great business sense.

There isn’t much time, and this is definitely something that’s best dealt with sooner rather than later. Leaving it to the last minute will cost time and money, not to mention piling on lots of unnecessary stress.

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