The 2 Technology Areas You Should Focus on in 2022

What an extraordinary few years it’s been for technology and business.

Back at the start of the pandemic, we had no idea just how long-term its impact would be, did we?

Because what was initially just a rush to work from home, accelerated the development of something I believe is now here to stay forever…

Hybrid working.

That means being able to work in the office or in your home. Or anywhere.

Increasingly employees are demanding this flexibility. Which means a change in how firms handle their information.

Data’s becoming more transient. It’s easier to access it on any device, from wherever you are. While this has endless positives, it also means that data security is more important than ever.

Cyber attacks are increasing in number, scale and sophistication, and pose a threat to all financial services firms. The FCA have stressed remote/hybrid working mustn’t affect the ability of firms to meet their regulatory responsibilities. They expect them to be able to protect the sensitive info they hold.

Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a terrifying rise in something called ransomware.

Meantime, devices are getting smarter and smarter and software’s becoming more intelligent. We only need to look at the way we use our phones today compared to just 5 years ago to see this.

Most businesses have seen their technology needs develop fast. These needs are still accelerating – and will continue to do so throughout this year and next.

It’s important that you have a technology strategy to drive this, rather than just a policy of reacting to needs as they arise.

The two technology areas we are helping our clients focus on in 2022 are Defend and Invest

Defend is about protecting your firm from cyber criminals. The amount of cyber-crime is constantly increasing, to levels never seen before.

Invest is about making sure technology is powering your firm forward, not holding it back

We’ve written a new guide to look at both these areas in detail.

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